Smoothtalker Pass Thru Cradle for iPhone 4/4S

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  • Manufactured by: Smoothtalker

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No longer in stock - replaced by Carcomm Apple iPhone 4 / 4S Pass-Through Cradle


With an extended iPhone dock connector and an FME antenna connection, the Strike Smoothtalker Pass Thru range is an essential accessory for your Parrot MKi or THB 9060 car kit. Each cradle's internal engineering has ensured maximum signal return for each handset. These cradles are specifically engineered so that the receiver in the cradle matches the antenna position on the handset.

The Strike Smoothtalker Pass Thru Cradle (BTHAL42UA) is designed to be used ONLY with a car kit, GPS, stereo or other iPod/iPhone-enabled device that has a specific socket for this purpose. The iPhone when in the cradle uses the power passed through from your stereo or other device, so a power source is not separately provided with this unit.

Compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  Includes windscreen suction mount and can also be screw-mounted.


- Antenna connection capability for superior coverage
- Charging capability
- Exceptional craftsmanship
- Slimline design

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